Oil Changes and Tyre Pressures

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Oil Changes and Tyre Pressures

Howdy folks! My name is Tony and this is my latest blog. For some time, I have been trying to think of what my new blog should be about. It was yesterday when I realised that the topic had been in front of me all along. The biggest thing I have learnt recently is how to service my car. I didn't believe in auto servicing. I thought it was the kind of thing people talked about but never did just so they seemed smart. Well, I didn't feel very smart when I broke down at the side of the road. The mechanic was kind enough to teach me all of the top tricks about how to maintain a car.


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Troubleshooting 101: Identifying Common Trailer Repair Service Needs

This blog post provides info that will help you identify common trailer repair needs. Understanding the typical issues that can occur with your trailer and how to spot them is essential in ensuring the longevity and functionality of your vehicle. Read on to explore various elements that require frequent attention and possible solutions.

1. Tyre Wear and Tear

Regular monitoring of tyre condition is crucial for safe and efficient trailer operation. Here's what to look for:

  • Uneven tread wear, which may signal alignment issues.
  • Bald spots or bulges indicate excessive wear or tyre damage.
  • Low tyre pressure, which can cause premature wear and decreased fuel efficiency.

If you notice any of these signs, seeking professional trailer repair services should be your next step.

2. Brake Problems

Brakes are one of the most vital safety components of your trailer. Regularly inspect your brake system for:

  • Reduced responsiveness or fading brakes.
  • Pulling to one side during braking.
  • Vibration or grinding noises when applying brakes.

Early identification of these symptoms can prevent costly repairs or severe accidents.

3. Electrical Issues

Modern trailers rely heavily on electrical systems, and glitches can lead to inconvenient breakdowns. Watch out for these signs:

  • Intermittent or total loss of lighting or signals.
  • Inconsistent performance of appliances or air conditioning.
  • Frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers.

An experienced trailer service can efficiently diagnose and fix these issues.

4. Structural Damage

Structural elements of your trailer can suffer damage from general use or accidents. Be alert for:

  • Dents, rust, or other visible damage to the trailer's body.
  • Misaligned doors or windows.
  • Water leaks or signs of water damage.

Promptly addressing these issues will help maintain your trailer's structural integrity and prevent further damage.

5. Suspension and Axle Complications

The suspension and axle bear the weight of your trailer and its load. Issues can include:

  • Unusual noises or excessive bouncing while towing.
  • Uneven tyre wear, pointing to potential axle misalignment.
  • Difficulty steering, suggesting suspension problems.

Any indication of suspension or axle complications warrants immediate professional attention.


Trailer ownership necessitates an understanding of common issues that may require repair services. By staying vigilant for signs of tyre wear, brake problems, electrical issues, structural damage and suspension or axle complications, you can take prompt action to ensure the safe operation of your trailer. In most cases, professional trailer repair services will provide the expertise needed to address these problems effectively. Contact a local auto repair shop today and ask about trailer repair services.