Oil Changes and Tyre Pressures

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Oil Changes and Tyre Pressures

Howdy folks! My name is Tony and this is my latest blog. For some time, I have been trying to think of what my new blog should be about. It was yesterday when I realised that the topic had been in front of me all along. The biggest thing I have learnt recently is how to service my car. I didn't believe in auto servicing. I thought it was the kind of thing people talked about but never did just so they seemed smart. Well, I didn't feel very smart when I broke down at the side of the road. The mechanic was kind enough to teach me all of the top tricks about how to maintain a car.


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3 Signs the Heat Exchanger on Your Car is Malfunctioning

When most people think of car trouble, they think of the engine. However, other parts of your car can cause problems, too, including the heat exchanger. Read on to find out more! The temperature gauge is rising The role of the heat exchanger is to transfer heat from the engine to the coolant. If it's not working properly, the engine can overheat. If your temperature gauge is reading higher than usual, it could be a sign that the heat exchanger is not working correctly. Read More 

How Your Truck’s Air Suspension System Works and What Happens When It Goes Wrong

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When Your Battery Fails Too Often, Something May Be Happening Overnight

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What Sets Agricultural Tyres Apart From Standard Vehicle Tyres?

In the past, you might have always purchased tyres for your car or other personal vehicles, and you might have never had to purchase tractor tyres or other types of agricultural tyres. Now, though, you might own one or more tractors, or you might have some other type of agricultural equipment that you need to purchase tyres for. You might assume that buying tyres for agricultural equipment is similar to purchasing tyres for personal vehicles, and it's true that there are some similarities. Read More