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Oil Changes and Tyre Pressures

Howdy folks! My name is Tony and this is my latest blog. For some time, I have been trying to think of what my new blog should be about. It was yesterday when I realised that the topic had been in front of me all along. The biggest thing I have learnt recently is how to service my car. I didn't believe in auto servicing. I thought it was the kind of thing people talked about but never did just so they seemed smart. Well, I didn't feel very smart when I broke down at the side of the road. The mechanic was kind enough to teach me all of the top tricks about how to maintain a car.



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Do You Know How Many Filters Are Fitted to Your Car?

If your car or truck is to function correctly, it needs to be able to process fluid and air as efficiently as possible. Given such a process, contamination is to be expected, and without a certain type of protection in place, failure could ensue. This is why it's so important for any car owner to keep a close eye on the various different types of filter fitted throughout the vehicle and to clean or change them as needed. Do you know how many filters are fitted on your car and what they are designed to do?


Most people are familiar with the oil filter and know that this needs to be changed whenever they change the oil itself. A great deal of contamination can build up inside the engine as the oil flows from point to point, with friction material, specks of rubber and metal all being added to the oil over time. This contamination will be caught within the filter so that it does not build up to such an extent that it causes a failure, and as such, this is the most important filter of all.


Your vehicle will also have a fuel filter fitted in the lines between the tank, the pump and the engine. Modern-day gasoline is produced to be very high quality, but it can still pick up some contamination on its way from the refinery and may pick up even more from the inside of your tank. Consequently, you need to ensure that the fuel filter is cleaned on a regular basis; otherwise, you will come across performance issues and will pay more for your petrol at the pump.


There are two different types of air filter fitted to your vehicle. One is underneath the bonnet and is designed to ensure that the airflow to the combustion chamber is as pure as possible. There can be many contaminants in the air including pollen and dust, so this filter will ensure that those particles do not get into the engine and affect the combustion process.


The second air filter is within the passenger cabin. This one is designed to trap any airborne particles that may otherwise affect the occupants, and it should be kept as clean as possible to make the job of the A/C or heater core easier.


Finally, you may have a transmission filter fitted to your vehicle, and this one is designed to clean the automatic transmission fluid on a cyclical basis.

To make sure that your car maintains its efficiency going forward and is always reliable, make sure that all of your filters are checked during a comprehensive service. And if you have a European car, for example, make sure that you take it a shop that handles European car servicing specifically.