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Oil Changes and Tyre Pressures

Howdy folks! My name is Tony and this is my latest blog. For some time, I have been trying to think of what my new blog should be about. It was yesterday when I realised that the topic had been in front of me all along. The biggest thing I have learnt recently is how to service my car. I didn't believe in auto servicing. I thought it was the kind of thing people talked about but never did just so they seemed smart. Well, I didn't feel very smart when I broke down at the side of the road. The mechanic was kind enough to teach me all of the top tricks about how to maintain a car.


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Get This Information Before You Drive off in A Courtesy Car

When you discover you're eligible to drive a courtesy car when your own car is at a service centre for repairs, you can feel that proverbial wave of relief washing over you. Being without a vehicle for even a few days can be difficult for many due to schedule requirements, distance from workplaces, and issues with public transportation. However, being able to get a courtesy car doesn't mean your insurance company won't still be looking at your driving record, or that you'll be covered just as you were in your own car. If you're about to get a courtesy car, make sure you get the answers to these questions.

Upfront Costs in Case of an Accident

You'll still have your insurance coverage when you use a courtesy car. However, one issue you may have to deal with is how to pay for damage should an accident occur when you're driving the courtesy car. In many cases, you have to pay for damages and repairs upfront and wait for the insurance company to reimburse you, instead of having the car evaluated and repaired without you paying anything other than your deductible. Find out how your insurance company handles claims and paying for damage on courtesy cars so that you're not stuck with a huge bill if you get into an accident.

Effects on Your Regular Insurance

Also, find out what the effects on your insurance might be (coverage and premiums) should you get into an accident in the courtesy car. If the accident isn't your fault, you should be fine, but if you were at fault, even partially, see how this would affect your ability to keep the courtesy car (or get another one, if the first one needs to be repaired) and what would happen to your premiums. They could go up, or you might have to go without another courtesy car for the remainder of the time that your own car is at the service centre.

What Happens If the Completed Work Isn't Satisfactory?

Typically, you get a courtesy car when the service centre and your insurance company agree on what work needs to be done on your regular car, and you keep the courtesy car for as long as those repairs take. But what happens when the service centre completes the repairs, your insurance company is expecting you to turn in the courtesy car, and you find that the repairs are not satisfactory, for whatever reason? Ask your insurance company how that situation would be handled. Would you keep the courtesy car? Would you still have to turn it in and hope the insurance company agrees to let you drive another while the work is being redone?

Your time driving the courtesy car will go more smoothly if you have this information from the start. The service centre should have additional information about the car itself once you have a specific model reserved. For more information about using a car service's courtesy car, contact a local provider.